Healthy Baby Born Via Womb Transplanted From Human Corpse

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In a medical milestone which was totally not the work of mad scientists in a mountain top laboratory during a freak thunderstorm, a healthy baby girl has been born using a donor womb from a dead body.

There have been 39 successful womb transplants using live donors – involving in several cases a mother donating her womb to her daughter, but this is the first live birth involving the transplantation of a healthy uterus from a dead donor.

Womb transplants from dead donors have been attempted in the past, but have resulted in failure, miscarriage and potentially, zombie babies.

Brazilian Doctors Successfully Transplant Dead Donor Womb

The procedure was carried out in 2016, in São Paulo, Brazil.

The mother was a 32-year-old woman with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, who had been born without a womb. Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome affects about one in every 4,500 women. Women born with the disorder typically develop normal ovaries and external genitalia, but their vagina and uterus fail to form correctly.

Because the baby’s mother had functioning ovaries, doctors were able to harvest her eggs, which were then fertilized with her partner’s sperm and frozen.

A donor uterus was implanted, from the body of a mother-of-three in her mid-40s, who had died after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.

Six weeks after the 10-hour transplant operation, a round of grueling fertility treatment and a regimen of immunosuppressive drugs, to prevent her body rejecting the transplanted womb, the woman was able to celebrate her second-hand uterus by getting her first ever period, which she marked in the traditional manner; eating yogurt on a tennis court while wearing a pair of white shorts.

Healthy Baby Spends Nine Months In Dead Lady’s Womb, Doctors Confirm She Is Probably Not The Antichrist

Seven months after the transplant, her fertilized eggs were implanted and on December 15 last year, she delivered a healthy baby via Caesarean section.

Dr Srdjan Saso, from Imperial College London, said the results were “extremely exciting”.

“It enables use of a much wider potential donor population, applies lower costs and avoids live donors’ surgical risks.”

But given that all pregnancy is essentially a form of unspeakable body horror, which calls into question the concept of a benevolent God in a sane universe, this latest sci-fi horror/ medical miracle is really only slightly creepier than the way any of the rest of us came into the word.

So to the happy parents and their beautiful not-a-zombie baby, we can only say mazel tov!


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