Weed Legalization Canada: Everything You Need To Know

weed legalization canada legalization weed canada flag

When it comes to weed legalization Canada is a leader among major world economies. Adults in Canada may now buy, use, grow and possess the marijuana without fear of prosecution, in a national experiment that many other advanced economies are watching closely.

Weed Legalization Canada Style: ‘High Time, eh?’

weed legalization canada legalization weed canada

Although it can’t quite claim worldwide ‘first’ status, PM Justin Trudeau has broken new ground among his G7 peers.

Only the USA has made a move to loosen restraints on the recreational drug, where due to state-by-state laws, users in nine states can enjoy the effects worry free. Those in Alaska, California, Maine, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Vermont can sit back and get high sans fear of any repercussions. It is legal for medical use in another thirty-one states.

South of the Hemp-isphere

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Way back in 2013, Uruguay made headlines when it became the first nation in the world to decriminalize the drug, making it readily available to all those of age in pharmacies and by way of communal ‘growing clubs’.

This bold move was made to limit the profits of drug traffickers and organized crime, and though the legislation faced initial difficulties, the decision has since become a norm and accepted part of day-to-day Uruguayan life.

Grass is Always Greener

The largely untapped market promises huge yields – a drug popular the world over which requires the same growing conditions as tobacco, it can be found in various forms depending where you are.

In the Rif Mountains in Morocco it is produced in bulk to supply a European demand, mainly in the resin form of hash which typically comes in a solid form and brown in color.

In California it’s preferred in plant form, straight from the bud, often pungent enough to require a smell-proof vessel to transport it in.

Buy Low, Sell High

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By legitimizing trade in cannabis products through weed legalization Canada can expect to reap the economic benefits seen in other regions that have pioneered similar policies.

Although only partially legalized in the USA, the states that have made the leap have bolstered their economy by claiming substantial profits.

According to BDS analytics the industry took in nearly $9 billion last year alone – comparable in size to the entire ‘snack bar’ industry in America.

And we all know how much America loves snacks.

Weed Legalization Canada Laws Kind Of Hazy

The legislation brought forward by PM Trudeau does differ province by province, producing more laws surrounding the plant than before it was legal.

In Alberta or Quebec the minimum age requirement is 18, but you must be at least 19 in the eleven other provinces.

You can freely grow your own plants, unless you live in Manitoba or Quebec.

Traveling laws produce quite a headache too. On Prince Albert Island it can be carried in a car in open packaging but must be out of reach of the driver. If you are in Nunavut however, you’d better store your green in the trunk, as it must be out of reach of all passengers.

Red Eyes Watching Weed Legalization Canada

According to the Canadian Department of Justice, the Cannabis Act aims to accomplish three goals; to keep cannabis out of the hands of youths, to keep profits out of the pockets of criminals and to protect public health and safety by allowing adults to access legal cannabis.

Trudeau and his government have estimated the move will stop approximately $4.5 billion from pouring into the black market.

As the world waits to determine whether the experiment has been successful or not, it may take some time to deliver a prominent conclusion. Because for the next few months, the ‘honeygreen period’, a substantial proportion of Canadian citizens will undoubtedly be too baked to care.



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