Southwest Airlines Offers Sincere Apology For Mocking Child’s Stupid Name

abcde redford boarding pass stupid name

Traci ‘with an ‘i” Redford was traveling home to El Paso, Texas via California’s John Wayne Airport, when her daughter’s usual name attracted the attention of Southwest Airlines staff.

According to Redford, a gate agent took one look at 5-year-old Abcde Redford’s boarding pass and burst out laughing, before snapping a photo the pass and posting it to social media, where it was seen by members of the public.

Unfortunately, Redford claimed her daughter also overheard the employee’s undisguised amusement, which caused the child to ask her mother why the name she had picked out for her as a precious babe in arms was a source of so much merriment to cruel strangers in this sad and sinful world.

“She said, ‘Mom, why is she laughing at my name?’ And I said not everyone is nice and not everyone is going to be nice and it’s unfortunate,” she said.

Southwest Airlines has since apologized for the incident, but Traci Redford claims that until the story caught the attention of social media users the airline “hadn’t done anything” for two weeks after she first filed a formal complaint.

327 Baby Abcde’s Born In USA

Reports vary as to how the younger Redford’s name is pronounced. The correct pronunciation is given by some sources as ‘Ab City’ – like a chain of budget gyms – or ‘Ay-Be-See-Dee’, as in the first line of the alphabet song.

In either case, Abcde Redford is not the only person in the United States to go through life explaining why her name has fewer vowels than a Welsh dictionary.

The first baby Abcde in the USA was born in Hawaii’s Kona Hospital on October 19, 1986. Since then there have been at least 300 Abcdes born in America, with 32 girls named Abcde in 2009 alone.

In 2014 an autistic 7-year-old by the name of Abcde Santos made headlines when she was turned away by a shopping mall Santa, because he feared her pit bull service dog. The offending Santa was subsequently transferred to other duties, and the company that hired him issued an unreserved apology to Abcde and her pit bull.



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