UK Government: No Escape From ‘No Deal’ Brexit


The UK government says ‘no deal’ cannot be prevented if parliament rejects Theresa May’s proposed Brexit settlement next Tuesday, with full legal advice on Britain’s leaving the EU set to be published this morning at 11.30 GMT.

This comes in the wake of yesterday’s dramatic day in the Commons, with the government losing three key votes. The most significant for these concerned the government’s bid to have legal advice issue dealt with separately by a the Privileges Committee of MPs.

In the wake of MPs finding the government to be in contempt of parliament in its decision to issue a summary of legal guidance on Brexit, rather than the full advice, Mrs May has been left with no option but to publish the full document, which will be made available later today.

Deadline On Brexit Vote Looms In Divided Commons

Mrs May has until next Tuesday 11 December to convince parliament to accept the terms of her Brexit deal, which has been agreed by EU leaders but must be accepted by the UK parliament if it is to come into force.

But faced with rebellion from her own cabinet, including the resignation of Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab in November, who refused to back the deal he had helped negotiate, there is no certainty that ministers will accept May’s Brexit deal when the matter comes to vote.

Former Tory Chief Whip Mark Harper, who backed ‘Remain’ in 2016’s referendum, predicts that the proposed deal will be rejected by 80 of his Tory party colleagues. If MPs reject the deal next Tuesday, ministers fear that the UK will leave the EU without any deal in place, or may not leave the EU at all.

No Deal Brexit Risks ‘Trade Nightmare’

Economists have warned that ‘No Deal’ Brexit would be likely to cause significant short-term disruption to life in the UK, if Britain leaves the EU without a settlement on March 29 2019. Major retailers have already begun stockpiling their products, in case Britain’s departure from the EU results in trade disruptions.


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