Mom Killer Released From Jail So He Can Cremate His Victim

lalita shenoy yogesh shenoy murdered by son
Lalita Shenoy, 80, was murdered by her own son Yogesh Shenoy in November 2018

Confessed killer Yogesh Shenoy, 53, was granted temporary release from a jail in Mumbai last week, in order that he could carry out funeral rites for the mother he murdered, after relatives refused to take responsibility for 80-year-old Lalita Shenoy’s remains.

Police escorted the former accountant to a local crematorium, where Yogesh Shenoy lit his mother’s funeral pyre in a traditional ceremony.

Family Of Murdered Woman Refuse Remains

This occurred three days after relatives informed police that they wanted nothing to do with the dead woman.

A police spokesman said, “After taking Yogesh into custody, Lalita’s body was sent for an autopsy. We tried to reach every relative of the family, including her brother, niece and nephews to hand over her body. But none was willing to come forward. They said they had severed ties with the Shenoys and did not wish to conduct her last rites”

Until the murder Yogesh Shenoy had been the sole caregiver for his ailing mother, who suffered from spondylosis and high blood pressure. Two months before the murder he had left his job as an accountant at a hotel, in order to provide round-the-clock care to the elderly woman.

Mom Killer Yogesh Shenoy Was Mother’s Sole Caregiver

Mother and son lived together in rented accommodation in Borivli, Dahisar municipality of Mumbai. Lalita Shenoy’s husband and another son had died some years previously, and the pair had become increasingly isolated ever since Yogesh’s wife left him in 2011.

The Shenoys’ landlord Darshana Ghone told reporters, “[the Shenoy’s] have been my tenants for decades now. They did not interact much with anyone in the neighbourhood.”

Police revealed that Yogesh Shenoy had not paid rent on the modest accommodation he shared with his mother for the past two years and was unable to afford her medication.

Murderer And Victim Overheard ‘Bickering’ In Days Before Death

The mounting costs of Lalita Shenoy’s medical bills were frequent source of tension between mother and son. Neighbors describe the Shenoys as “devoted” to each other, but the pair were often overheard bickering in the weeks leading up to the murder.

Police believe that financial stress and the pressure of being his mother’s only caregiver drove Yogesh Shenoy to plan his mother’s murder on Wednesday November 28 2018.

According to Mumbai police after a particularly acrimonious fight Yogesh decided he’d had enough, “Yogesh told investigators that he had initially planned to kill himself. When that did not work out, he plotted methodically to bump off his mother.”

Yogesh first attempted to poison his mother with an overdose of sleeping pills, which he  crushed into a glass of milk. When that failed, he smothered her with a pillow. After his mother survived both attempts on her life, Yogesh took a box cutter and slit his mother’s throat.

He then sat with body for over seven hours, before turning himself in to the police.


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