Johnny Bobbitt a Homeless man sues a couple who raised 400.000$ for him

Johnny Bobbitt a homeless man sues a couple who raised 400.000$ for him, he claimed that they used the money for their own needs

his story became a viral sensation in October last year when he used his last $20 to buy petrol for Kate McClure, who was stranded after running out of fuel on a motorway exit ramp near Philadelphia.

The military veteran, who had been sleeping rough underneath the ramp, offered to walk to the nearest petrol station and buy her enough fuel to continue her journey.

A grateful McClure and her husband, Mark D’Amico, set up an online fundraising page publicising Bobbitt’s good deed and inviting well-wishers to donate to help him get off the streets.

 The moving story went viral on social media, where more than 14,000 users eventually contributed around $400,000 to the GoFundMe page set up on his behalf.

Homeless man sues couple who raised 400,000$ for him
Homeless man sues couple who raised 400,000$ for him

The Lawsuit

Lawyers for the 35-year-old wrote in documents filed in Mount Holly – a New Jersey suburb of Philadelphia – that the couple had used the GoFundMe account they set up for Mr Bobbitt “to fund a lifestyle that they could not otherwise afford”.

In recent interviews, Mr. Bobbitt said Ms. McClure, 28, and Mr. D’Amico, 39, had recently paid for trips to Las Vegas and Florida, and a new BMW.

Mr. D’Amico works as a carpenter and Ms. McClure is a receptionist for the New Jersey Department of Transportation, according to local media.

A judge is set to hear the case on Thursday.

A representative for the civil court told the BBC the couple does not have an attorney listed on the record.

D’Amico said that more than $150,000 of the money remains in their account, and they are “absolutely” willing to have an accountant examine their financial records.

Meanwhile, A pro bono legal team representing Bobbitt are seeking an injunction preventing the couple from spending any of the remaining funds, as well as compensatory damages.

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