Failed Police Follow Up Leaves a woman on Fire

A 20-year-old women was  mercilessly assaulted and set The woman on Fire this weekend in the Northern Indian state of Utter Pradesh, whilst en route to the local police station to lodge yet another complaint against her attackers, having been molested by the brothers Raju and Rajesh just days before and her previous complaints falling on deaf ears, sparking dismissals for 3 officers in the local PD.

The assault :

The unnamed woman had been allegedly harassed and assaulted by the brothers days before, the final straw being on the 29th of November in a field near her home in the Sitapur district. When answering natures call by a field with other women of the village, she was cornered and molested by Raju and Rajesh.

The victim gathered support from members of her family as she marched to the local police station to file a report against the depraved brothers but was shocked when the details of her molestation were deemed not serious enough to warrant further investigation by the local PD.

Two days later, on Saturday evening, the woman again made the decision to attempt retribution and headed toward the police station, seeking action and expecting the swift hand of the law to deliver justice and arrest the perpetrators. Alas whilst en route to the station, the brothers caught up with her and doused her in Kerosene, setting her alight, after apparently insisting she withdraw her complaint.

a woman on Fire :

The woman remains in hospital today in a stable condition albeit with 40% burns to her upper torso and face. The brothers were arrested on Sunday and have been charged with sexual harassment and attempt to murder. They fled the scene after setting her alight as villagers rushed to her aid, carrying her to a community health centre before she was transferred to Sitapur District Hospital.

Failed Police Follow Up Leaves a woman on Fire
Failed Police Follow Up Leaves a woman on Fire


Shamefully, this is not the first severe assault involving setting a female alight this year. The Indian Government have faced mass protests about the treatment of women, particularity in rural areas, where abuse and rape numbers are alarmingly high and often unreported. “Nobody will be spared for such gross negligence. Even the circle officer concerned, additional superintendent of police and Sitapur police superintendent will be questioned about police inaction and insensitivity,” Inspector General of Police (Lucknow) Sujeet Pandey said, promising swift action and an attitude re-adjustment concerning violence towards women.

The charges :

” Three cops, including the police station in-charge, were suspended and a departmental inquiry initiated against them. I visited the Sitapur district hospital to learn about victim’s condition and have ordered stern action against the accused,” Pandey went on. Raju and Rajesh face life in prison if found guilty.


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