Brexit Britain’s Going To The Dogs? These Pet Owners Think So!


The whole world – or for everyone north of Camden, roads leading to London’s Parliament Square – came to a standstill last week, as thousands of feet – and paws – took part in a march calling for a second referendum, in an attempt to put an end to Brexit in the United Kingdom.

Remain-ines Try To Halt Cat-Astrophic Brexit

dogs brexit march dogs dinner

The march was organized by Wooferendum, whose aim was to deliver a petition to Downing street demanding a Peoples’ Vote. The campaign group feels a second vote is necessary, claiming the British public (and their pets) had been misled and misinformed during the lead up to the initial 2016 referendum.

With a seemingly novel air about the march (awwwww, dogs), it does raise real issues concerning millions of pet owners around the UK.

No Border [Collie] Free Travel For Non-Member State Pets

dog brexit march collies

If Britain leaves the EU in 2019 without a settlement, pet passports, the scheme which currently allows domestic pets to travel freely between European countries without the old 6-month quarantine headache, are likely to be scrapped.

In a letter from President Junkers Task Team the EU sets out its current stance; “On the issue of the pet passport, please note that once the UK is no longer a Member State, the rules for non-commercial movements of animals coming from third countries will apply.”

Not for existing EU member states then, just for those … ambitious enough to decide not to be a part of it.

Foreign Vets Coming Over Here, Treating Our Dogs…

dog brexit march

For those not planning to travel with their pooch, there may be other unintended consequences for British pets post-Brexit.

According to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), more than half of vets registering in the UK over the last 5 years come from abroad, with the majority coming from EU countries.

Tinned and dry-biscuit food is also expected to rise dramatically in price thanks to import tariffs.

Voted For Brexit? You Must Be Barking!

dogs brexit march

So perhaps it comes as little surprise, that our four legged friends banded together and decided to take a stand.

Initially organised by Daniel Elkan (human), thousands of dogs and their obedient masters met outside St James’s Park in London and began their walkies towards Parliament Square on a sunny October morning.

Obligatory ‘pee stations’ were set up along the march, with some of the smarter dogs among the masses even managing to decorate the urine targets with the faces of Boris, Farage and Rees-Mogg. Who’s a clever pup?

The organisiation is crowdfunding to cover costs of the march, including stage rental and insurance. “This is a fun campaign but it has a serious message; we want to give far more people a voice on a very tough topic…” says Mr Elkan, head human.

If We Stop With The Puns, Will You Stop With The Brexit?

dogs brexit march barking mad

The pun-believable march did not disappoint when it came to signs, either: ‘Time to get paw-litical’, ‘Stop Brexit – Doggystyle’, and ‘We Are Suffrapets’, to name a few.

Not only was the wordplay on point, but many of the animals even managed to colour inside the lines.

Truly remarkable for creatures born without thumbs, when you think about it.

Although it remains unclear how exactly Mr Elkan managed to communicate with dogs about such a complex issue, one thing is certain; if you voted for Brexit, you probably love cats.


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