World’s Most Expensive Baby Shower: Dad Dennis Dickey Ordered To Pay $200,000 For Causing Massive Wild Fire After Gender Reveal Stunt Goes Badly Wrong


Becoming a new parent brings with it a lot of unexpected expenses. Your brand new bundle of joy doesn’t come cheap. There are diapers to buy, a nursery to fit out, and – if you’re US Border Patrol Agent Dennis Dickey – the bill from the massive wild fire you started at the gender reveal party.

The 37-year-old father-to-be was left with a whopping fine of $100,000 and ordered to pay $500 per month for the next 20 years in restitution, for causing the fire which burned almost 47,000 acres and resulted in $8,000,000 in damage back in April 2017.

In September this year Dennis Dickey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor violation of US Forest Service regulations and was given five years probation. At his trial he expressed remorse and told the judge that the fire was “a complete accident”.

Caught On Camera: Gender Reveal Wild Fire Stunt Gone Wrong

gender reveal stunt wild fire dennis dickey
A still image of the explosion caused by Dennis Dickey in a gender reveal stunt which sparked a seven day long wild fire in Arizona in 2017

Now a video released by the US Forest Service shows the moment at which gun-enthusiast Dickey fires a high-powered rifle at a makeshift target, packed with the explosive Tannerite in the Arizona desert.

Tannerite is legal to buy for private use in the US, but has been linked to a number of wild fires, according to the US Forestry Service Agency.

In the footage of the gender reveal stunt gone wrong, the target at first explodes as planned in a puff of billowing blue smoke to announce that the couple are expecting a baby boy. But the blast also ignites the dry scrub, which soon erupts into massive flames.

The gender reveal stunt fire rapidly spread to the nearby Coronado National Park where it became the Sawmill Fire, which attracted national headlines in April 2017.

Over 800 firefighters from more than 20 agencies were required to tackle the blaze, which burned for over a week exacerbated by the unusually dry weather.

Now over a year and half on from their ill-conceived gender reveal stunt, Dennis Dickey and wife Rita have long-since welcomed their newest member into the family. And although his parents will be paying off the cost of announcing their baby boy’s gender until he’s halfway through college, the littlest Dickey’s entry into the world can rightly be called explosive.



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