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Cop Fired After Ditching Work For Two Years To Follow Acting Dreams

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An anti-terrorism officer with dreams of Bollywood super-stardom has been fired from the Indian police force, after failing to turn up to work for two years.
Constable Rohan Ekke, of the Goa police anti-terrorist squad (ATS), last reported for duty in May 2016. Since then he has been living in Mumbai, chasing his dreams of becoming a professional movie star.
But despite his artistic streak, this canny copper knew better than to leave a decent job if his acting dreams didn’t pan out. Instead of the typical actors’ fallback plan of waiting tables and paying for improv workshops, he decided to hang onto his badge and just hope everyone else on the force thought he was taking an extra-long coffee break.
Eventually other coppers caught on to the fact that there was no longer any competition in the annual departmental talent show, and issued Ekke a disciplinary notice.

Actor Cop Rohan Ekke Can’t Be Found To Be Fired

Unfortunately, either no-one on the ATS stuck around for the end credits or Constable Ekke needs to fire his agent, because no-one actually knew where Constable Ekke was. As a result the notice went undelivered.

All other attempts to tell Constable Ekke he needed to show up to work so that he could be fired also failed, so eventually the aspiring actor was declared a deserter from active service and his name was struck off the duty roll.

Commenting on Ekke’s dismissal, Police Superintendent Karthik Kashyap said, “Unauthorized absence from duty is an undisciplined act and amounts to serious misconduct. The charge was revealed in the departmental enquiry, conducted ex-parte, by the enquiry officer. The constable was given ample opportunities to represent before the authority,”

“Despite giving opportunities, he failed to make any representation. It was an undisciplined act and such a person has no place in the police force. The proposal of penalty confirmed against him.”


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