Welsh Woman’s Baby Bump Turns Out To Be 57lb Cyst

keely favell ovarian cyst
Welsh woman Keely Favell shows off her baby bump... which turned out to be a massive ovarian cyst

When Keely Favell, 28, started gaining weight in 2014 she thought she just needed to cut back on the biscuits. But despite sticking to a healthy diet and getting regular exercise her belly kept on growing.

By 2016 she had such a sizable bump on her otherwise slim frame, that strangers would often stop her in the street to ask when the baby was due.

Whenever that happened, Ms Favell was so embarrassed by her inexplicable weight gain that she would play along “to spare everyone the blushes”.

Ovarian Cyst Baby Bump Baffles Doctors

Even her GP was convinced she must be pregnant, despite multiple pregnancy tests coming back negative.

The Swansea resident’s weight ballooned to a whopping 23 stone, going from a UK size 14 to a 22 in just two years.

It was only was only she developed difficulty breathing and blacked out at work, that Ms Favell realized she needed to get to the bottom of what was causing her bulging belly.

At first doctors told Ms Favell that her strange symptoms were a side effect of the acne medication she had been prescribed six months earlier. When she pointed out her huge belly, she was told that her breathlessness and fainting were related to her pregnancy.

When she insisted that she was definitely not pregnant, doctors refused to believe that her massive bump wasn’t being caused by a baby.

Five Hour Surgery To Remove 57lb Cyst

Eventually Ms Favell was scheduled for an ultrasound scan, but the technician was horrified when no baby appeared on the screen.

She was immediately referred to a consultant and scheduled for an emergency CT scan.

Only then did the consultant explain to Ms Favell that her weight gain was being caused by a enormous ovarian cyst, which weighed the same as septuplets.

In a five-hour operation at Swansea’s Singleton Hospital last March surgeons removed the four stone mass from Ms Favell’s right ovary.

Relieved Keely Names Cyst ‘Mr Whippy’

After surgery medics shared photos of the massive cyst with Ms Favell as recovered from her ordeal. Like any proud parent Ms Favell even picked out a name for her unorthodox offspring.

“It looked like a massive pile of ice cream so I called it Mr Whippy!

Although Ms Favell’s cyst was unusually large, ovarian cysts are very common in women of reproductive age. Most do not cause complications, but about 8% of women will develop cysts large enough to require medical attention in their lifetimes.

The largest ovarian cyst ever recorded was removed from a 24-year-old Mexican woman in 2017. The cyst weighed 27 stone, the same ten newborn babies and had risked causing heart failure in the patient, who did not want to be publicly named, due to the pressure it was putting her internal organs.



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